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I am a Follower of Christ, a Husband to the love of my life, and a Father to two beautiful daughters.

Who am I...

I am a mostly self taught developer who really enjoys researching new technologies and building new things. My wife and I are now both self employed in our own business Kickin & Screenin, Misty has been since 2014. I on the other hand just recently took the leap and left my full-time career of over 10 years with and International scale company as a Field Service Rep/ Software Developer. We are both excited for the future as we have been constantly adding to new products to our own eCommerce store and exploring our creative side by launching new products in our newest endeavor Hunny & Babe Company

I do have an Associates degree in Computer Information Systems from a two year college, and am only lacking one semester to complete my Bachelors degree. What I found is that I was spending so much time in school and on my full-time job that I couldn't work on projects and the things I wanted to learn...

So I Quit!

I have honestly never been happier! I am proud to say I have accomplished so much in such a short amount of time that I am now questioning why I didn't take the leap several years ago. Which, was the original plan when we purchased an inflatable rental company named Just Add Kidz from a friend who had been in the business for 15 years. In retrospect what I believe happened was the comfort and financial security of my full-time job at Mettler Toledo Inc. made me question why I would leave in the first place. Even knowing this, it wasn't what I wanted to do with my life, I just felt unfulfilled knowing that I wanted to work for our businesses full-time. 

My Moment of Clarity...

At this point my wife pointed out the fact that over the 6 years we have owned and operated Kickin & Screenin as a hobby, instead of a business, we had set ourselves up for me to make my exit. And that's what I did. I quit my full-time position at the scale company and we got to work!

Things to know about me:

Technology is my passion, automation is my current focus, and learning new things is what I look forward to every day!

  • Developing software for industrial weighing systems.
  • Installing, maintaining, and repairing scales as large as rail/truck scales down to high precision lab
  • balances.
  • Running two small businesses with the help of my talented wife and a few outstanding employees.
  • Chemical plant operations from field operator to DCS control board operator.
  • Seargent in the US ARMY on an M1 Abrams main battle tank.
  • Combat veteran who served two tours in Iraq for a combined total of 27 months.
  • Freelance Web Developer - RanDev - Ongoing since 2013
  • Design, develop, and deploy the right solution for every client.
  • Provide clients with a beautiful and functional system that exceeds their expectations.
  • Train and coach the client through the initial setup and use of the delivered system.

  • Small Business Owner - Kickin & Screenin, Trinity, AL - 7 years
  • Provide customers with quality apparel at affordable prices.
  • Include design services in the process to help customers create beautiful things.
  • Ability to provide embroidery on hats and items as well as apparel.
  • We also have options for customers who want to create a brand without breaking the bank.

  • Programmer - METTLER TOLEDO INC, Decatur, AL - 4 years
  • Design, develop, and deploy custom weighing software solutions.
  • Corroborate with customers to provide the best possible hardware and software plan.
  • Coordinate with onsite personnel to ensure efficient deployment of solutions.
  • Write and provide documentation for deployed applications.

  • Field Service Representative - METTLER TOLEDO INC, Decatur, AL - 10 years
  • Perform preventative maintenance on all types of industrial scales.
  • Schedule and execute jobs at customer site on time for our area of operation.
  • Reviews calibration certificates to ensure quality and accuracy.
  • Report to customers and explain findings and solutions.
  • Coordinate and install new scales at customer locations.
  • Troubleshoot and repair scales when issues are reported or found.
  • Familiar with NIST Handbook 44 and scale tolerances.
  • Works in accordance with ISO standards and understands the importance of quality control.

  • Control Room Operator/Chemical Operator- AlphaPET, Decatur, AL - 2 years
  • Ran control board on line 2 of the chemical process to make food-grade PET.
  • Used Yokogawa control technologies to make changes to the process.
  • Monitor and document changes to process using internal documents.
  • Inform and coordinate with field operators to ensure quality product was produced.

  • Chemical Operator - Solutia, Decatur, AL - 3 years 
  • Take routine field readings and documents in logbooks.
  • Monitor the process from the field and inform the supervisor of any changes.
  • Adhere to strict safety policies and following procedures for reporting incidents.

  • M1A2 Main Battle Tank Crewman - US ARMY, Fort Stewart, GA 4-years
  • Served four years, three months, and twenty-seven days on Active duty.
  • Served twenty-one months in the National Guard.
  • Served two combat tours in Iraq with a combined total of twenty-seven months.
  • Received an Honorable Discharge.
  • Rank upon discharge was E5/Sergeant.

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